Art Shipping and Installation

Constantine’s Integrated Approach

Art shipping and installation is far more than a logistical exercise. Safe transit and professional installation require a combination of expertise, precision, and careful planning. This is why specialised handlers, such as Constantine, are so important. Our bespoke processes are informed by over 130 years of experience in transporting, storing, and installing artworks.

The Importance of Proper Art Handling

Each piece of art, whether a small ceramic or large painting, is unique and, because of this, has its own specific requirements for handling. Professional art handling is a science and an art form; it demands a combination of experience and technical expertise to inform an understanding of each artwork and each client’s needs.

Through proper handling techniques, we can safeguard the physical artwork and its cultural significance.

These examples highlight why choosing an experienced and respected fine art logistics provider is essential. Constantine has earned a relationship of trust with some of the world’s leading museums, galleries, and collectors because of our decades of experience, our adaptability to unique requirements and circumstances, our commitment to security, our ability to handle international shipments, and our quality of customer service.

The article, ‘The Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Fine Arts Logistics and Storage Provider’, offers further analysis of these points.

Profiling Constantine’s Integrated Approach

Originating in North Yorkshire in 1885, Constantine is an internationally respected industry leader in fine art logistics, with established offices in four locations, including London, Scotland, and the Middle East. Our Royal Warrant, granted by Her Majesty the Queen, is a further testament to our commitment to the highest standards of quality and expertise.

With Constantine, every step of the logistics process is carefully considered. This includes efficient route planning, climate-controlled transportation, customs navigation, and bespoke installation services. We diligently address the challenges faced by art delivery systems by utilising the latest technology combined with a personalised service for a seamless end-to-end operation.

We are proud to have invested in many sustainable initiatives that are the first of their kind. Constantine London West is the only fine art facility in the UK to utilise a ground source heating system, mitigating the need for natural gas. Solar panels on the roof provide the building’s energy, and water from the urban drainage system is recycled for our vehicle cleaning system. All our vehicle fleet meet the latest emissions standards, Euro 6.

The combination of over a hundred years of history and meticulously honed processes ensures the safety and preservation of your artwork at all stages of its journey. For a more detailed view, our article ‘Ensuring Seamless Art Delivery: Constantine’s Commitment’ explores each aspect of our approach.

Constantine’s brand values, which include heritage, experience, and international presence, are at the heart of our operations. When combined with our tailored services, these values ensure we can meet the unique needs of each client, project, and artwork.

Detailed Examination of Constantine’s Art Shipping Process

We understand the importance of each stage of the shipping process, from packaging and handling to ensuring safety during transit and successful delivery.

1. Packaging and Handling Artwork for Transport

Packing is the first step in the safe journey of an artwork. We cater to the specific needs of each artwork ensuring the use of the correct packaging materials and techniques. Our experienced team of technicians provide site visits to determine the best methods of crating and packing, making sure the artwork and client are properly cared for.

Sustainability is also a key consideration of this process. We are proud to offer TURTLE, the most sustainable climate crate available on the market today, with an expected lifespan of over 25 years these crates are an effective way to reduce the ecological footprint of art shipping.

Read more about art shipping and packaging here.

2. Transportation Logistics: Local and International Shipping

Whether an artwork is destined for a gallery domestically or an international exhibition, we have the logistical expertise to guarantee its safe arrival. Our team ensures any necessary permits and licenses are obtained for works to be safely exported. Using our extensive network of international partners, and our specialised fleet of vehicles, we are able to deliver artwork safely and securely anywhere in the world.

3. Ensuring Safety and Security During Transit

The safety of an artwork during transit is paramount. We employ state-of-the-art safety protocols to ensure artworks remain secure and in optimal condition throughout their journey. This includes the use of climate control within our vehicles, air-ride suspension, and real-time GPS tracking monitored by our dedicated staff.

4. Preparing your Artwork for Shipment and Avoiding Artwork Shipping Disasters

Careful preparation is key. Alongside packing and climate control considerations, our experienced staff guarantee efficient route planning, allowing us to minimise travel time and risk during transportation.

For international shipments we provide expert airport representatives to oversee the process of palletisation and loading onto the aircraft. Each project is assigned a dedicated coordinator who is on hand to advise and assist throughout the entire process.

Constantine’s Art Installation Procedures

Our art installation process is a bespoke one. Each artwork’s specific needs are considered. What is the artwork, where is it, and where is it going? We understand the conservation requirements for each artwork and ensure every detail is considered to deliver an efficient process.

Our behind-the-scenes look at the Constantine approach can be found in the article ‘Art Installation Precision: Constantine’s Commitment.’

Factors to Consider During Art Installation

Successful art installation requires a thorough consideration of several factors. Our technical team attend site visits ahead of installation to ensure the desired space is suited to the artwork’s weight and size, as well as to understand which tools and procedures are required to install the artwork safely and securely. We handle each detail carefully and precisely to guarantee the artwork’s optimal presentation and client satisfaction.

1. Pre-installation Planning and Design

Each of our installation projects begins with a comprehensive plan. Our expert technical team conducts detailed site surveys, creates tailored installation plans, and details bespoke handling techniques to ensure each piece is installed in the safest and most efficient manner and in accordance with the client’s unique specifications.

2. On-site Handling and Installation

Our dedicated team of art handlers carefully transports and installs each artwork. Meticulous attention to detail and precision characterises the process, ensuring the safest and most efficient installation.

3. Adherence to Conservation and Display Requirements

Clients can rely on our knowledge of conservation guidelines, duty of care, and experience of display requirements. Factors such as climate control and the mounting requirements of each artwork are carefully considered to ensure its preservation and visual appeal, and to guarantee client satisfaction.


Art shipping and installation is a delicate process which requires precision, expertise, and an in-depth understanding of each artwork’s unique requirements.

Our wealth of experience, investment and highly skilled staff has cemented Constantine as an industry leader in fine art logistics and handling. Constantine provides technical expertise and a professional service trusted by some of the most respected galleries, museums, and collectors worldwide.

Trust Constantine for your next art logistics project. Contact us to learn more about our bespoke services.


1. What is Art Shipping and Installation?

Art shipping and installation is a specialised service dedicated to safely transporting and installing artwork. It involves careful handling, packaging, insurance, transportation (both domestic and international, risk assessment, installation, and storage of artworks, ensuring they maintain their integrity and value.

2. Why should I trust Constantine for my art shipping and installation needs?

Constantine has over a century’s experience in the fine art logistics industry, with a Royal Warrant granted by Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II testifying to our quality and expertise. We have a highly-skilled team and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that your artwork is handled with the utmost care and precision.

3. How does Constantine ensure the safety and security of artworks during transit?

Constantine employs the latest safety protocols. This includes using the appropriate packing materials, climate control within our vehicles, real time GPS tracking and comprehensive insurance coverage for each piece we handle. We assess all potential threats and implement measures to mitigate any risks.

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