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Since its founding in North Yorkshire in 1885, Constantine has become a global leader in both fine art logistics and fine art storage. With established offices in London, Heathrow, Scotland, and the Middle East, we proudly provide art installation services to some of the world’s most respected museums, galleries, and collectors.

Our highly skilled technical team carefully consider each aspect of a project’s requirements to create a bespoke fine art installation solution that fits the client’s specific needs. This involves assessing the nature of the artwork, for things such as structural integrity, to be able to determine the most effective hanging solutions. For free-standing objects, our team will determine how best to securely install it in situ. We can adapt our service to vast range of different artworks, including heavy and large artworks, intricate sculptures, gilded framed paintings, and delicate works of art such as pastel drawings.

Constantine’s expert technical department ensures every artwork we handle is treated with care and installed with the utmost detail. Our standard of service has earned us an industry leading reputation as well as the Royal Warrant, awarded by Her Majesty the Queen.

Fine Art Installation: A Closer Look

Professional art installation involves a delicate balance of precision, care, and a clear understanding of the needs of the artwork in question. As well as an understanding of the unique requirements of the client. Constantine’s approach is informed by a combination of technical expertise, the experience of our handlers and our proven ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Art Installation Considerations: Balancing Artistry and Expertise

As we have highlighted, the art of installation is intricate and is something that requires excellent planning, understanding of detail and specific expertise. Because of this, we recommend you consider the following points to better understand the process:

  • Our team assess where the artwork is being hung or placed. They then choose the appropriate fitting and fixings depending on the structure of the wall, or whether it is being installed on a rail system.
  • When artwork needs moving into place prior to installation, we will ensure there’s sufficient and safe access to desired room or outdoor area.
  • The larger and heavier the artwork, the greater the risk involved in its transportation. Heavy lift equipment, such as cranes, ensures safe installation of these types of objects.
  • Our technicians are proficient in installing at height and complex spaces such as stairwells. We can build scaffolding to achieve these installs.
  • We can provide assistance and recommendations in terms of UV protection, optimal humidity, and temperature, framing and mounting services. .

Skills and Expertise: The Human Factor in Art Installation

Art installation is not solely about the physical aspects of handling and placing an artwork, a large part is understanding and having experience of the type of work being handled. There are many factors that can impact the handling and installation process of an artwork – some examples being the age of the piece, the materials that it is made of, and whether it is framed.

Our technical team benefit from a detailed training programme and has combined experience spanning decades. This is why Constantine can consistently provide a high-level of service and is trusted with the responsibility of handling so many important collections.

Case Studies: Fine Art Installation in Action

One of our more recent and notable installations was at the Natural History Museum in early 2023. The technical team carefully transported and installed six life-size drawings of elephants, on behalf of the artist, David Flier, in celebration of World Elephant Day.

Due to the delicate nature and sheer size of the drawings, our technicians ensured that the correct parameters were in place to guarantee the safety of the artwork. This included utilising an 18-tonne vehicle to ensure the fragile canvases were always able to travel upright. We allocated four technicians to the install and conducted a site visit prior to the event to assess the route the artwork would take, noting any potential tight corners or passageways.

We had the pleasure of interviewing David Flier and our Exhibitions Coordinator for the event to provide an insight into the integral role that art installation plays in showcasing art to the world.

In Conclusion

At Constantine, every artwork is treated with utmost care and precision in accordance with its unique needs and specifications. We understand that each piece we are trusted with is an irreplaceable piece of cultural heritage. For further information regarding our fine art installation services and solutions, please contact our team today.


1. What services does Constantine offer?

Constantine is a comprehensive fine art logistics and storage provider offering various services tailored to your needs. Our services include UK and international transportation, packing and case-making, art storage, installation, decants, and customs support. Our Arts Council-approved facilities feature state-of-the-art storage, warehousing, a fleet of specialised vehicles, and experienced staff.

2. How does Constantine ensure the safety of my art during transportation?

At Constantine, we utilise a fleet of specialised vehicles and experienced staff to ensure your artwork is safe and secure during transportation. We employ the same climate and safety controls as the world’s leading museums, ensuring the utmost care is taken with your irreplaceable collections.

3. What is meant by ‘art installation,’ and why is it important?

Art installation refers to the process of preparing, transporting, unpacking, installing, and ensuring the longevity of an artwork. This could involve picture hanging, mounting a sculpture on a plinth, or installing artwork in a public space. The process is vital as it ensures the artwork is presented in its intended form and its aesthetic and financial value are preserved.

4. What steps does Constantine take to ensure precision in art installations?

At Constantine, precision in art installation is achieved through a blend of experience and knowledge. We precisely plan each art installation, often with a site visit to assess access, the artwork dimensions, weight, and other requirements necessary. Our expert technical team is well-versed in best practices for handling art and uses specialised tools to ensure an accurate and secure install every time.

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