Fine Art Storage Facility


The Constant for Collectors

The state of the art storage facility that cares for your works of art

Constantine London West is our unique storage facility which guarantees complete peace of mind for your collection. Providing optimal storage conditions, industry leading sustainability and advanced security systems.


The ultimate collection care experience. Our exceptional storage facility is designed to meet museum and conservation standards, allowing us to safeguard your artwork with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

  • Completely customisable private vaulted rooms ranging from 4m² to 40m²
  • Climate and temperature storage options available
  • Dedicated photography studio, private viewing rooms, private meeting rooms
  • Large climate-controlled storage areas
  • Experienced onsite team including technicians, coordinators & customs managers
  • Large transit space & secure overnighting
  • Private airport transfer to London Heathrow on request
  • Private storage clients have their own dedicated entrance


Our purpose-built facility was meticulously designed and constructed in collaboration with top experts in security, fire protection, environmental control, and insurance. Underlining our unwavering commitment to the safety of your collection.

  • Fully authorised by the National Security Advisor, HMRC and the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Anti ram bollards, HEALD road blockers, anti climb fencing and steel reinforced walls maintain the integrity of the site
  • Secure air lock style chambers at both entrances to the facility
  • High security LPS class 4 rated doors
  • Intelligent low light CCTV system featuring in excess of 100 high grade cameras
  • More than 3000 monitors capturing motion, heat, smoke and climate conditions
  • External microwave motion sensors and perimeter fencing featuring an inbuilt seismic detection system
  • GRASP reporting rating of 98.6%
  • 24/7/365 physical security presence within a central control room
  • Compartmentalised into 28 two hour fire zones using reinforced concrete, high density block work, and specialist doors
  • Full multitiered access control system throughout all areas of the facility


Constantine London West is the U.K’s first fine arts facility powered by cutting-edge ground source heating. This innovative system caters to all our heating and cooling needs, meaning we no longer use natural gas.

  • Eco-friendly cooling and heating
  • Roof mounted solar panels
  • Sustainable urban drainage system
  • Multiple electric vehicle charging stations

Constantine London West provides comprehensive storage solutions which prioritise the safety, sustainability, and uniqueness of every collection. The state-of-the-art storage options adhere to museum standards and are supported by meticulous security measures to ensure complete peace of mind.

The customisable private vaulted rooms, climate-controlled storage areas, and experienced on-site team underline our dedication to providing exceptional quality facilities and a truly bespoke service.

"Completely customisable private vaulted rooms ranging from 4m² to 40m²"

"The UK's first fine arts facility powered by cutting-edge ground source heating"

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