Ensuring Seamless Art Delivery

The Importance Of Secure Artwork Transportation

Fine art delivery is an integral part of the art industry, with specialists such as Constantine ensuring that artwork is transported safely, securely and with the highest standards of care. At Constantine, we’ve over 100 years of expertise in art delivery services both domestically and internationally.

Art delivery involves more than the standard transportation of objects. It requires managing numerous factors including employing stringent environmental control, utilising expert handling practices, precise logistics coordination, and customs navigation. It is best understood as a specialised field which demands professional expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

Constantine’s Approach to Seamless Art Delivery

At Constantine, our approach to art delivery is characterised by attention to detail, offering a bespoke service and maximum security measures. Our expert coordinators consider the needs of the specific artwork or collection that is being transported and tailor the service accordingly. Each of our services, from storage and packing to artwork transportation and installation, is customised to suit the client’s individual requirements.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with a GPS tracking system which allows us to monitor the movement of shipments in real-time. This system is managed by Constantine directly, rather than being outsourced to a third-party. All our specialised vehicles are fitted with advanced climate control to maintain the optimal environment for preserving artwork. Air-ride suspension is built in to minimise vibration during transit, and each vehicle is always staffed by two technicians. These measures highlight our commitment to ensuring all artwork in our care arrives safely and securely at its destination.

Art Delivery Made Secure: Constantine’s Measures for Safe and Reliable Delivery

Security is a principal component of our fine art delivery service. GPS tracking, fully armoured vehicles and comprehensive insurance coverage provide our clients with total peace of mind.

A further key consideration of our robust approach is evidenced by our bespoke art packing and case-making, ensuring we employ only the best materials and technologies as specified by world-leading museums and galleries. Our experienced art handlers craft custom-made crating, constructed to ISPM-15 regulations, to secure collections for air freight and sea shipping.

Our delivery network spans the globe, with established offices in Central London, Heathrow, Scotland, and the Middle East. This international reach ensures we can safely deliver artwork anywhere in the world with our exceptional standards of safety and security.

Sustainable Practices in Constantine’s Art Delivery Process

Constantine is committed to delivering artwork in the most sustainable way possible. We seek to minimise our environmental impact by optimising our delivery routes, using eco-friendly packaging materials, and leveraging renewable energy sources.

Our luxury asset storage environment at Constantine London West is the country’s only fine arts facility using a state-of-the-art ground source heating system, meaning we do not use natural gas. Solar panels, mounted on the roof, generate electricity for the building.

We can offer our clients the use of TURTLE crates, considered the most sustainable crates on the market. The crates have an expected lifespan of over 25 years and are a fantastic way to help reduce the ecological footprint of fine art shipping.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Art Delivery With Constantine

At Constantine, we continue to evolve our processes and invest in advanced technologies to remain at the forefront of fine art delivery. We anticipate future challenges and are proactive in our development of innovative solutions.

As the UK’s industry leader for four generations, we remain dedicated to providing secure, efficient, sustainable fine art logistics and storage services to our clients.

Trust Constantine to deliver your collection with the highest standards of care, safety, and reliability. Contact us to learn more about our art delivery services.


1. What measures does Constantine take to ensure the safe transportation of artwork?

At Constantine, we implement a range of measures to ensure safe art transportation. Our dedicated vehicles are fully armoured and equipped with advanced climate control systems and GPS tracking. Additionally, our expert team handles each artwork with the utmost care, utilising custom packing techniques to protect each piece during transit.

2. How does Constantine handle delicate and fragile artworks?

Our team of experts is trained to handle delicate and fragile artworks with extreme care. We assess the individual needs of each piece and use bespoke packing and crating services to ensure safe handling and storage. Our technicians also create detailed condition reports to monitor and maintain the integrity of every artwork.

3. What steps is Constantine taking to make their art delivery services more sustainable?

At Constantine, we are committed to sustainable practices. We strive to minimise our carbon footprint by optimising delivery routes, using eco-friendly packing materials wherever possible, and keeping our vehicles well-maintained for optimal fuel efficiency. We continually assess our processes to find ways to further enhance our sustainability efforts.

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