Constantine's Annual Christmas Card Competition

Presenting the Winning Design

Each December, Constantine gives all members of staff  the opportunity to submit a design to be used for the company Christmas card that year.

There are very limited rules, as long as the design can be scanned, it can take whatever form the staff member chooses – whether it be an illustration, a photograph, a collage and so on. It is always interesting to see the variety of approaches and interpretations that people take from such an open brief.

This year’s competition saw a range of entries presented in many different forms, after some deliberation the marketing team whittled them down into a shortlist which was then submitted to a company wide anonymous vote.

The winner was Exhibitions Coordinator, Jorja, with their hand illustrated Christmas tree on a skate design proving to be the most popular. Brilliant in its simplicity, and making clever use of the gold from the Constantine logo.

As always it was a pleasure to see the talent on display amongst our staff, not just in the winning design, but the many others which would also have been worthy winners.

We look forward to doing it all again next year. Happy Holidays from everyone at Constantine.

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