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The Ultimate Security Solution for Collectors & Galleries

Priceless artworks and antiques require secure storage solutions that not only respect their financial value but also protect their integrity and maintain their condition. Ensuring their safety and longevity is a responsibility that Constantine understands fully, ensuring that artworks in our care are protected from damage, degradation, and theft. Our private art vaults offer climate-controlled environments, state-of-the-art technology, and a dedicated on-site team. 

Private art vaults offer an innovative solution to safeguard valuable artworks, providing storage in an environment which is specifically designed for art preservation. Combining advanced technology with stringent security measures, Constantine provides a location where art can be stored, viewed and managed optimally. 

This article will explore the importance of using private art vaults and detail why they are a necessary investment for galleries and collectors. 

The Need for Private Art Vaults in Art Preservation

Fine art, whether an old master painting or a contemporary sculpture, can hold immense worth. This worth is reflected in the market prices, as well as the cultural and historical significance of each object. This value can make the objects susceptible to risks. One risk is damage to the artwork, they are often delicate and vulnerable to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature changes, light exposure, and even the oils found on human skin. Improper understanding and management of these risks can lead to damage occurring. 

The impact of potential loss or damage, whilst having financial implications, also has great cultural and historical significance due to the inherent uniqueness of each object. 

It is these risks which underline the need for private art vaults. Facilities, such as Constantine’s, offer an unrivalled level of security and preservation for valuable artworks and antiques from theft and damage. 

Features and Benefits of Constantine’s Private Art Vaults

Physical Security and Location

Our private art vaults are strategically located in key London locations, providing our clients with accessible luxury asset storage and allowing for convenient domestic and international transportation. The resilience of Constantine’s facilities is second to none; we utilise airlock-style double entry gates and 24hour manned CCTV for constant surveillance. We have also implemented advanced intruder, fire, and building management systems to ensure optimum security. Our technology and approach have received accreditation from the Government’s National Security Advisor. 

Client-Focused Amenities and Options

We understand the unique needs of each individual client, and because of this, we offer the choice between private and shared storage rooms. All clients have access to our dedicated viewing areas and meeting rooms, fully equipped with all the necessary amenities. Our facilities are not just a storage space but also a comfortable environment for our clients to work and conduct business. 

Comprehensive Insurance

To further enhance the security for our clients we also offer a comprehensive insurance service. This is to cover any, however unlikely, damages or losses, to provide complete peace of mind in knowing that valuable artworks are financially protected whilst in our care. 

Private Client Vaults Specifics

Our private client vaults sit within our purpose-built facility which was designed and constructed with security, fire, environmental control, and insurance experts. These highly secure vaults range from 4m2 to 40m2 and offer full museum specification environmental controls. Each vault can be tailored to the client’s unique needs and can either be managed by our team or self-managed. Our specialist onsite team provides discreet and professional service, ensuring the highest standard of care for your artwork. 

Collection Management System

Our open storage offering employs a unique barcode system for each object. This allows our team to log every movement of your collection, from relocation within the storage facility to exiting the premises. Our London facilities are fully customs-approved and offer a range of solutions to meet any transportation and customs needs. 

Museum Quality Storage Facility

Our private storage options are equipped with climate and humidity control systems, these ensure the optimal conditions for the preservation of artwork. We can also provide an economical heated (ambient) storage option. 

Dedicated Viewing and Meeting Facilities

Our London facilities feature private viewing rooms that are available for hire. These spaces offer bespoke lighting and picture-hanging systems, allowing the optimum presentation of artwork. We also provide dedicated meeting rooms complete with full amenities. A dedicated photography space is also available to hire. Our on-site team is always on hand to provide a range of services including art handling, bespoke art packing, condition reporting, conservation, transportation, and coordination, ensuring the safe transportation of collections anywhere in the world. 


Private art vaults are invaluable to galleries and collectors. Vaults, such as Constantine’s, provide unrivalled security measures, purpose-built storage areas, and a range of services tailored to the unique needs of each client. These facilities ensure the physical safety of valuable artwork and the preservation of their condition through climate and humidity control systems. The flexibility of storage options, and collection management systems, offer ease and efficiency in the handling of art collections. 

Experience the gold standard of art storage with Constantine. Our commitment to discreet, professional service is coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and decades of experience in caring for valuable collections. Contact our team today to discuss your fine art storage needs. 


What are private art vaults, and why are they essential?

Private art vaults are specialised storage facilities designed to safeguard valuable artworks, protecting them from damage, environmental threats, and theft. They are crucial due to arts’ cultural, historical, and financial value. 

How secure are Constantine’s private art vaults?

Constantine’s private art vaults are strategically located and equipped with state-of-the-art security features, this includes airlock-style double entry gates, 24-hour manned CCTV systems, and intruder, fire and building management systems. 

Do Constantine’s art vaults offer customised storage solutions?

Constantine’s art vaults offer tailored storage services adapted to the unique needs of each client. Clients can choose between private and shared storage options, private client vaults range from 4m2 to 40m2, ensuring the requirements of any collection are met. 

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