Climate Control and Security:

The Pillars of Art Gallery Storage

Climate control and security are two of the most crucial considerations for preservation in an art gallery storage setting. Providing the optimal balance of temperature, humidity, and light conditions is particularly important. Equally critical is the assurance of stringent security measures, safeguarding artwork from potential harm. These factors pose challenges for galleries striving to maintain the integrity and value of their collections.

At Constantine, we are proud of our heritage and industry-leading practices in this field. With over a century of experience, our business is a globally respected art logistics provider, offering protection and care for the collections of some of the world’s leading galleries, museums, and private collectors. We understand the intricacies of preserving and protecting art and provide comprehensive services to meet these demands.

This article will detail the importance of climate control and security in art gallery storage. Alongside highlighting Constantine’s role in ensuring these critical elements are upheld to the highest standards.

Climate Control: The Key to Preserving Art

Art is sensitive to its environment, and maintaining the correct climate is crucial to preserving its integrity. With clients looking to store valuable artwork for extended periods, art gallery storage facilities must have precise and reliable climate control measures.

Climate control refers to regulating temperature and humidity levels within a specific range to maintain the ideal conditions for artwork. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause irreversible damage. High humidity levels can lead to mould growth, insect infestations, and the warping or buckling of materials. Low humidity can cause cracking and drying out of materials. Extreme temperatures can also have adverse effects, such as causing paint to flake or fade.

We understand the importance of climate control in art storage and have invested in state-of-the-art technologies to ensure we create the perfect environment for valued collections. Constantine offers open storage alongside private vaulted rooms, with both options catering to climate and temperature-controlled storage needs.

In addition to our onsite team, we have over 3000 monitors capturing motion, heat, smoke, and climate conditions. This continuous monitoring allows us to ensure that artwork is always kept in optimum conditions.

Security: Keeping Your Art Safe

Art is invaluable to our shared cultural heritage. Safety is, therefore, of paramount importance for art gallery storage facilities. Understanding this, Constantine has implemented advanced security systems to offer unmatched protection.

Our London West storage facility features robust measures to secure your art collection. Fully authorised by the National Security Advisor, HMRC, and Civil Aviation Authority, it boasts anti-ram bollards, HEALD road blockers, anti-climb fencing, and steel-reinforced walls around our facility, maintaining the site’s integrity.

The facility is secured by airlock-style chambers at both entrances, high-security LPS class 4-rated doors, and an intelligent low-light CCTV system featuring over 100 high-grade cameras. We also use external microwave motion sensors and perimeter fencing with an inbuilt seismic detection system. Our GRASP reporting rating of 98.6% further attests to our rigorous security standards.

During transportation, our experienced coordinators and technicians oversee secure transit. GPS tracking systems are used in each of our vehicles and are monitored in-house, allowing us to track your artwork at every stage of its journey.

Our commitment to security is seamlessly integrated with our dedication to sustainability. Our London West location is the UK’s first fine art storage facility powered by ground source heating, which eliminates the need for natural gas. This eco-conscious approach extends to solar-powered cooling and heating systems, sustainable urban drainage, and multiple electric vehicle charging stations.

These features reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility. Alongside customisable private vaulted rooms and climate-controlled open storage areas, we provide a secure, sustainable, and bespoke service that adheres to museum and gallery standards, ensuring the safety and integrity of every collection.

Securing and Preserving Your Art Collection Sustainably With Constantine

Art preservation and logistics are complex processes that require expertise, precision, and a commitment to quality. As we have highlighted, Constantine delivers this by leveraging climate control technologies, implementing robust security measures, and promoting sustainable practices in the industry.

Whether you represent a gallery or museum or are a private collector, entrusting your art to Constantine means knowing that your collection is safe and that every measure is taken to ensure its longevity and protection.

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