In safe hands

When it comes to secure storage you couldn’t be in better hands. We offer the most up-to-date technology on the market, from vehicle access controlled by double ‘air-lock’ interlocking gates and around-the-clock digital CCTV surveillance, to security systems approved by the Government National Security Advisor.

You can choose to store in a private storage room or in a shared space with dedicated viewing areas for private inspections. Either way, maximum security and fire zoning applies to all areas. For added peace of mind, we also offer nail-to-nail insurance.

Your collection at your fingertips

Our Collection Management system is just one of the ways you can administer your collection while in our care. This records every single feature of every work and means you can exclusively access it all through a secure web server any time you like.

For clients selecting our shared space managed storage option, we create a unique state-of-the-art barcoding system for each work, which is scanned every time it is moved and when it leaves the warehouse; this means there is a full log of your collection’s movements on record and we can retrieve your art works at a moment’s notice.

You will also find our London warehouses are fully customs-approved, so we are able to offer a range of solutions for your customs needs. Further details can be found here.

Creating the perfect environment

Our private storage rooms are climate and humidity controlled with dual key access and allow for individual items and entire exhibitions to be stored for any period necessary.

As well as museum quality, climate/humidity-controlled storage we can also provide a more economical heated (ambient temperature) facility.

You can also digitally manage your storage. This not only helps you to visualise it but it also helps maximise utilisation of the space.

A room with a view

Our latest facility has a steel-framed 15m x 4m photographic wall, specially constructed to the same specification as one of the UK’s leading private galleries, in front of a 20m x 10m project bay. It is ideal for setting up installations and photographic shoots.