Customs matters

Concerned about import duties or VAT? Our London warehouses are customs-approved, as authorised under the UK Customs Warehousing Scheme, so you don’t have to worry about import VAT as long as your items are in our care.

Our dedicated customs department is able to customs clear road freight shipments on arrival into our London warehouse, using a direct link to customs, avoiding the need to stop at the UK port of arrival.  We can advise you on matters relating to duty and VAT.

Should you require it, we provide import solutions into the UK for goods being imported for:

• An exhibition
• With a view to a sale
• With a view to a possible sale
• For sale by auction
• For any other similar activity that may require security to cover any customs VAT or Duty liability

Plus the use of our unlimited Temporary Admission (TA) Account. For more information you can contact our customs department here.